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This section deals with following core things which is mentioned below

Understanding the .NET Framework

ASP.NET is a major evolution from ASP 3.0. ASP.NET provides a powerful new server-side control architecture, which makes the development of very rich web pages easier than ever before. It has acleaner, event-based programming model, making web development much more like traditional VB forms programming.This results in the average ASP.NET page requiring a lot less code than an equivalent ASP page, which in turn leads togreater developer productivity and better maintainability. ASP.NET pages are also compiled, so web servers runningASP.NET applications can expect to far exceed the performance and scalability levels of previous ASP applications.ASP.NET is part of the .NET Framework: a new computing platform that simplifies and modernizes application
development and deployment on Windows.


1. A platform designed from the start for writing Internet-aware and Internet-enabled applications that embraceand adopt open standards such as XML, HTTP, and SOAP
2. A platform that provides a number of very rich and powerful application development technologies, such as
Windows Forms, used to build classic GUI applications, and of course ASP.NET, used to build web applications.
3. A platform with an extensive class library that provides extensive support for data access(relational and XML),
directory services, message queuing, and much more.
4. A platform that has a base class library that contains hundreds of classes for performing common tasks such as
file manipulation, registry access, security, threading, and the searching of text using regular expressions.
5. A language-neutral platform that makes all languages first class citizens. You can use the language you feel most
comfortable and productive with, and not face any limitations.
6. A platform with an independent code execution and management environment called the Common Language
Runtime (CLR), which ensures code is safe to run, and provides an abstract layer on top of the operating system,
meaning that elements of the .NET Framework can run on many operating systems and devices.
7. The Microsoft vision for .NET, and why we need a new platform.
8. The role and power of the Common Language Runtime (CLR).
9. The key elements that comprise the .NET Framework.
10. The key design goals and architecture of ASP.NET.
11. How to Write code in Software Industry
12. Embibe the professional with layered arhitecture
13 Writing Component
14 New Features of Dot Net 2.0
15 What is webservice ?
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